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The main problem with booking an outdoor vacation in advance is that the weather might simply not cooperate, and as the forecast began to solidify a week before our trip to Nordegg it became clear that this would be the case for this trip. For nearly the entire trip the winds were forecast to be in excess of 100 km/h, and as most of the hikes I’d planned involved getting up high, this meant I had to find an entirely new set of hikes that would keep us largely below treeline yet still get us up high enough that we’d get some panoramic views.

Waking up to strong winds on the second day of our vacation we turned to these backup plans, the first of which was a short hike to the Blackstone Fire Lookout, located about 40 km north of Nordegg on the Forestry Trunk Road. We found the road to the lookout 500 m past the Brown Creek campground and drove about halfway up, parking just before an oil installation where the gated lookout road branched off to the right of the main road.

From the gate we followed the gently graded lookout road to the lookout, reaching the 1582 m summit a leisurely 45 minutes after leaving the truck. The view to the west was nice, but the views in the other directions were partially obscured by trees just a little too tall to see over from ground level. Then again, being just 1582 m high and located in the treed and logged foothills there wouldn’t have been that much to see anyway!

After a short and windy wander around the area we headed back to the truck, then drove back towards Nordegg for another short hike.

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