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Distance: 8 km
Elevation gain: 800 m

In May 2006 I graduated from the University of Ottawa, and after taking the summer off headed out to Edmonton to take up a research position at the University of Alberta. Camping my way across Canada I planned to head out to the Rockies immediately upon arriving, and thankfully a group of friends had similar plans. Sandra - whom I'd only met once by this point - planned two hikes for the group, the first of which was this hike.

Having NEVER seen mountains before and having driven out to the campsite after dark this hike offered my first glimpse of the adventures that awaited and evidently made a pretty big impression on me (as apparently did Sandra!).

We arrived at the trailhead around noon and I was immediately appalled by the number of people! I thought the mountains were isolated wilderness areas, but the hundreds of tourists milling about below Angel Glacier blew that idea to pieces. At a slow pace - we were all not in great shape - we started up the hill to the meadows, absolutely awestruck by the unfolding view of Mount Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier. Once in the meadows we continued to a high point beyond where most others stopped, then began making our way back down. The others in the group ran down and I tried to as well, but immediately injured my knee; an injury that still flares up occasionally today!

My memory of the trail and views is a bit fuzzy as I write this report now (2016), but I do remember the scenery being stunning, and apparently a bit addictive!

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