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Distance: 7.2 km
Elevation gain: 750 m
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With a discouraging forecast and a lingering avalanche threat we decided to repeat a trip we did last year at about this time. Directions for the trip and photos from a nice day can be seen there, although on this particular trip we descended the same way as we ascended rather than completing the loop.

The main theme of today's trip was the changing weather. West of the divide it was snowing and blowing continuously, but to the east only occasional bursts of snow materialized. One particular band earlier that morning left about 5 cm on the road and provided plenty of fresh snow for the wind to blow around on the ridges. That wind also made things very cold, despite a relatively balmy -12 C air temperature, and we had to keep moving to stay warm.

Despite the weather, however, this was a nice outing and one worth repeating again. The terrain is sufficiently varied that one doesn't get bored and the 750 m of elevation gain over little more than 3.5 km makes it great exercise as well.

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