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Distance: 5.6 km
Elevation gain: 720 m
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With a high avalanche risk this weekend we had planned to snowshoe to Chester Lake - generally safe terrain - but as we drove along the Smith-Dorrein highway I noticed a majority of the peaks had been completely swept free of snow and hence many had no risk at all. After a bit of indecision and a u-turn, we decided to head up the north outlier of Kent Ridge.

This peak had defeated us a year earlier through a combination of breaking trail in terrible snow through the trees and difficulty ascending above treeline in snowshoes. You can read about the difficulties in the previous report. This time, however, luck was on our side. Not only was a trail broken the entire way to treeline, but above treeline there were only small patches of snow and we had our microspikes, which made for much easier walking than in snowshoes. Other than gaining 720 m of elevation in under 3 km, we had no trouble at all. Be aware, however, that you never really see the summit until it is right in front of you; anything that looks like the summit before that is a false summit.

For directions to the trailhead and a description of the general route, see the previous report.

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