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Distance (from camp): 8 km
Elevation gain: 400 m
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What we had intended to be a multi-hike day based out of the Lake O'Hara campground turned into a single short hike to Lake MacArthur in the clouds and rain. The hike was still nice, however, and in between showers I was able to get a few nice shots. Also in the area are the All Souls Alpine Route, Big Larches Trail, and Odaray Grandview, all of which we had planned to do, but didn't see the point in ascending into the clouds or slipping and sliding over boulders in the rain. Next time, perhaps.

The trail to Lake MacArthur starts just to the right of the Le Relais cafe and ascends gently through the forest, passing Schaeffer Lake and the Elizabeth Parker Hut on the way to Lake MacArthur. There are many trail junctions, but all are well signed. When the choice comes to choose the highline or lowline route to the lake, I'd recommend following the highline route to the lake and descending via the lowline route. There isn't really much of a difference in elevation gain or difficulty between the two routes, but the highline route gives you a nicer panorama of the lake environs on the approach.

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