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The Pesuta was a log barge under tow in 1928 when it broke free during a storm and wrecked on the east beach of Graham Island. A portion of the ship remains sticking out of the sand today and is easily accessible via a 6 km trail.

The trail starts at the picnic area pullout on the west side of the Tlell river. This is also the start of the east beach backpacking trip, so follow signage for both the Pesuta or the east beach. For the first 2 km the trail heads north along the Tlell river through beautiful re-growing forest, briefly heading inland at one point to cross a bridged stream. Near the 2 km mark the trail heads down to the shore of the Tlell river and connects up with an old road. Despite there being tire tracks on this road, I have no idea how to get a vehicle to this point! Follow the shore of the Tlell river north until it enters the ocean; the Pesuta shipwreck is visible at this point, just a few hundred meters further north along the beach. We hiked on a receding tide, but I believe the hike is possible at anything but a high tide (so don't hike it when the tide is coming in or you might have a few hours to kill waiting for it to recede!).

The shipwreck is very photogenic and given the right conditions makes for fantastic photography. We were there in the middle of the afternoon (poor light) with very high winds whipping up salt spray that was coating my camera, but the photos still turned out ok.

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