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Distance: 7 km
Elevation gain 700 m
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While this is not the most scenic of hikes, it can be done year-round (no avalanche risk) and is one heck of a workout. We'll be using it throughout the winter and spring as a backpacking conditioning hike. Outside of summer, however, you'll need some sort of traction device for your boots as most of the ascent is icy or compacted snow. We used Kahtoola Microspikes from Mountain Equipment Co-op and they were fantastic, and many of the others we passed were using them too.

The hike starts on the right (north) side of highway 66 just past the winter gate. There are several routes up the steep hillside from the road and the first you come to is the steepest; if you'd like something more gradual just continue along the road another 30 seconds or so and you'll see another trail. From there the trail climbs steeply, becomes relatively level, and then becomes very steep for quite a distance before emerging from the trees near the top. From here simply turn right (north) and head for the summit. It will be windy.

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