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I keep telling myself that I need to find some indoor hobbies for when the weather is terrible, but when I spend five days working indoors each week the last thing I want to do is spend two more days indoors. So today, with a lot of effort, I managed to work up the motivation to get out for a lazy snowshoe around the viewless trails west of Bragg Creek. Sandra decided to come along too.

We parked at the Station Flats day use area along Highway 66, found the trailhead in the equestrian parking area, and started snowshoeing. Right away we encountered the first of many forks in the trail and turned right for the Ridgeback Trail. The entire area is one huge network of crisscrossing trails, but each intersection is well signed so it’s very easy to navigate. We didn’t really have a set route in mind when we set out, but ultimately we ended up heading along the Ridgeback Trail, then moved to the Tom Snow Trail, then to the Diamond T Loop Trail. Everything had been packed down yesterday so snowshoeing was generally quite easy, but a ton of small hills made it a decent workout nonetheless.

One thing I didn’t fully understand before setting out today was the effect of constructing a trail for mountain bikers, which includes the Ridgeback Trail. Mountain bikers apparently like lots of little hills, sharp turns, and use the forest as a gym rather than as a place to view nature. As a result the Ridgeback trail is the most random, view-avoiding, twisting, and undulating trail I’ve ever been on! Just take a look at the map and you’ll see what I mean. It’s positively absurd as a hiking or snowshoeing trail.

After just 2 h 40 min of snowshoeing we were back at the truck. While the views were nonexistent and the peculiar trail construction quite annoying, as a Sunday morning workout close to home this fit the bill well enough. And so long as we don’t get another weekend storm I’ll make up for the lack of views today next weekend!

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