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Rummel Lake is a less crowded version of Chester Lake and often our backup snowshoeing destination should things not be favorable for a bigger objective. Today, however, we decided to take it easy and made this our actual goal rather than just a consolation prize.

We've been to the lake before in winter and to the lake and pass in the summer and those reports will give you a good idea of how to get there.

Today the snow was very supportive - for the first time all year - and so we ended up shortcutting through the forest near the beginning of the ascent and bypassing a chunk of the cut block. Our off-trail wanderings near the lake were also straightforward on supportive snow, but if you venture up (north) from the lake be very careful of avalanche terrain. A few very obvious paths come down from The Tower and a big one would get you in the trees before you even knew you were in trouble. The risk wasn't bad today so we ventured up and discovered that two of the paths had already slid, rendering the area reasonably safe. A trip to the pass, however, would still have been silly and so we looped around and descended back to the lake for lunch.

This is apparently the coldest winter in Canada since 1979 and this trip is by far our latest snowshoe adventure. With snow in the forecast again this week, we may break this record once again!

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