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Distance: 10 km round trip
Elevation gain: ~450 m
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This snowshoe trip is similar in difficulty and scenery to Chester Lake - not as steep, but a little longer and slightly greater elevation gain. It's much less crowded too. It's also a winter backcountry camping destination, so there is an outhouse and usually several snow pits dug for tents that make great shelters from the wind.

The trail starts on the east side of the Spray Lakes road at the Engadine Lodge/Shark Lake road turnoff. If you've seen cars parked on the side of the road here in the past, Rummel Lake was likely their destination. Initially the trail ascends an old road, but this quickly disappears in a cutblock, at which point the trail winds upwards towards the mature tree line. In winter there are many trails, but all converge in the southeast corner of the cutblock where the trail enters the forest. From here you'll climb slowly until you reach a 90 degree turn; watch for it because if you miss it you'll end up at Chester Lake (which some people intentionally do). The trail then descends to Rummel Creek and forks. Right goes by the base of avalanche slopes and is the normal summer route, while crossing the creek (left) avoids these slopes and is the normal winter route. After ascending moderately for about 20 minutes, you'll emerge from the trees at Rummel Lake.

We continued past Rummel Lake towards Rummel Pass, but upon emerging from trees you'll find yourself very near the base of several large avalanche chutes. Before entering the danger zone, however, you'll have some fairly nice views towards the pass and back towards the lake area, and so this short extension is worth it. Just don't go when the avalanche danger is high as the potential seems to exist for the avalanches to run into the trees in a few areas.

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