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Secret Cove: 800 m to beach
Gray Bay: 3.5 km to Gray Point from furthest campsite.
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Secret Cove and Gray Bay are two of the more popular vehicle-accessible beaches on Moresby Island. Secret Cove - not particularly secret as it has a trailhead sign - is a small, typical moon-shaped beach, while Gray Bay is a large bay with kilometers of sandy and rocky beach. Gray Bay also has about a dozen very private campsites and the gently sloping beach means it's likely a fantastic place to play in the surf.

The beaches are accessed by an active logging road originating in the town of Sandspit. We were informed that it was in far better condition than the road to Rennel Sound, but we found the exact opposite and it was quite a rare event to actually reach 30 km/h in my Honda Civic. The minor road to Gray Bay (signed) was even worse and most of it was spent alternating between 1st and 2nd gear. Nevertheless, the beaches themselves are gorgeous and worth the drive, especially, I would imagine, if you are camping.

Secret Cove and Gray Bay are both well signed, except for one point at the end of the Gray Bay road. A gate across the road here forces you out towards a treed picnic area bordering the beach, which is where we started our beach walk towards Gray Point. However, I've since learned that this road continues all the way to Gray Point and is a much faster way to access that area and Cumshewa Head. This route would also vary the scenery and be preferable to hiking both ways along the beach.

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