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Distance: ~4 km
Elevation gain: ~100 m total

The Spirit Lake trail is located just north of the Ferry terminal in Skidegate. With an enormous trailhead sign and parking lot, it's impossible to miss.

The name and trailhead carving imply the lakes hold some sort of significance to the Haida, but there were no interpretive panels to clarify what, if anything, this might be. To the casual observer there is nothing particularly enchanting about the lakes, which to be perfectly honest are closer in appearance to swamps than lakes. The forest en route and around the lakes, however, is old growth in many places and is surprisingly varied for such a short trail. Hence my advice would be to hike this trail for the forest, not the intriguingly named but unattractive lakes.

The trail itself is in extremely good shape and well maintained, but several branches are a bit confusing as the trail signage has faded at some intersections. It's impossible to get significantly lost, however, and taking time to explore (in other words "getting a little bit lost") is certainly not wasted time in such an environment.

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