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Distance: 16 km
Elevation gain: 760 m
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Taylor Lake is a popular destination in both larch season and in the winter. The trail to the lake is wide and well graded, and although you gain approximately 600 m to the lake over about 6.5 km, it never feels particularly steep. In winter, the popularity of the trail with snowshoers and skiers means it will likely be very well packed and you'll have company. We started early (9 am), however, and didn't meet anyone until on the way back down.

The winter trail - at least as currently packed - leads directly into Panorama Meadows above Taylor Lake via the small creek that flows out of the meadows. We followed this route into the meadows, explored a bit, and then made our own trail back down to the lake, roughly following the summer trail. It's only 400 m and downhill, so it's quite easy going. While other groups arriving after us made their own, more direct, trails to the lake, it makes a lot of sense to simply continue up the creek 500 m to the meadows. It's only another 70 vertical meters or so and it more than triples the scenic rewards, especially at this time of year when the lake is in the shade. Alternatively, should the trail be packed directly to the lake, simply ascend the hill to the north of the small clearing by the lake, passing the outhouse and bear pole on the way. Again, it's only a few hundred meters to the edge of the meadows over terrain no steeper than what you've already covered to reach the lake.

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