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This was our second trip to Grasslands National Park and hiking the Timbergulch Coulee route. We aborted an earlier trip, in early July, due to the worst mosquitoes we had ever experienced. With the mosquitoes now dead we returned to explore the area further. Directions to the park and trailhead can be found in that earlier report.

Unfortunately this trip also did not turn out as planned! Our destination the first night was a tree (a significant landmark in the park!) near where we had camped in July, and getting to that point was easy - hiking in this park is very easy compared to hiking in the Rockies! Dry streams also allowed us to take a slightly different route to this point than before, increasing the scenic diversity somewhat. With clouds rolling in, ruining the opportunity for star photography I'd hoped for, we went to bed around 7 pm. Later that night, however, Sandra became very ill and so we had to once again abort the trip the following morning.

Despite our bad luck with the park - and the 12 hour round trip driving time from Calgary - the total isolation, subtly varied landscape, and allure of random camping and trail-less terrain will draw us back next year though.

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