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Distance: About 2.5 km total
Elevation gain: 120 m
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Tow Hill (pronounced "toe", not rhyming with "cow") and the Blow Hole are perhaps the most popular hikes in Haida Gwaii. Everything is relative, however, and for hikes in Haida Gwaii this means that at any given moment there might be a half-dozen people on the trail! There is trailhead parking for perhaps 6 cars.

The trailhead is located just before the Tiellen River Bridge, near the end of the Tow Hill road. The Tow Hill road, while in reasonable shape, is a dirt road and potholed, so drive carefully. The trail, with the exception of the first 100 m or so, is entirely on boardwalk that has roofing shingles on it for traction. It is short, somewhat steep in sections, and the two attractions - Tow Hill and the Blow Hole - are accessed by the same trail, which makes a loop encompassing both.

Viewpoints on Tow Hill provide a (rather poor) view of the north beach to the east, extending out to Rose Spit, and higher up, a better view along the north beach to the west. The western view also grants a view of the inner regions of Naikoon Provincial Park and its unique bog ecosystem. You can access this ecosystem via the White Creek trail.

The Blow Hole is best viewed near high tide and especially on stormy days. Our first trip there, however, was at low tide, but we actually enjoyed this visit more as the area is rich in marine life that would be dangerous to view at high tide, and truthfully, the Blow Hole isn't particularly impressive. Being only minutes from Tow Hill, however, it is definitely worth a visit regardless of the tides.

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