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Distance: 4.5 km
Elevation gain: 300 m
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Since my thoroughly enjoyable hike up Sanson Peak had ended with a free gondola ride down, I found myself with a lot of time left in the day and decided a hike up Tunnel Mountain would be a good way to kill an hour or so. The only challenge would be finding the trailhead, but immediately after driving back across the Bow River I was able to follow signs for “Tunnel Mountain”. I should’ve known better than to follow those signs, of course, and in the end they simply led to a gated road on the wrong side of Tunnel Mountain. After consulting the map on my GPS I turned around and found the trailhead without difficulty.

Just like the trail up Sanson Peak, the trail up Tunnel Mountain was packed solid and well graded and I was again able to set a good pace, reaching the top in just 30 minutes. The forest was quite thin on the upper mountain and this allowed for partial views in nearly every direction, but there were no areas with panoramic views. That didn’t really matter though as I’d already seen the area from Sanson Peak and I hadn’t really expected anything from such a small mountain.

After a short stay at the top I headed back down, covering most of the distance in less than 20 minutes, before heading home. It was an unexpectedly good day!

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