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The White Creek trail is an unmarked trail along the Tow Hill road. The trail begins on the west side of White Creek, at a point where a sign states ATV's are not allowed.

The trail follows an old settlers road and is initially through medium-growth forest similar to that on the Cape Fife trail. It does not appear to be officially maintained, but trees and limbs have been cut along the way and so someone is currently keeping it in shape. A short distance along the trail reaches an unbridged stream, but a few logs form an acceptable bridge; be very cautious here as the logs are slippery and the stream appears deep at the crossing point. The trail remains good after this point, albeit wet. The only other obstacle we encountered on the 3 km we hiked was a point at which the trail appeared to terminate at thick brush. A short detour to the left and back, however, reconnected us with the old settlers road and trail. It's the only point we reached where the question of where to go arose, so if you're faced with the same question take a look to the left and you'll likely see the route.

While the rainforest along the first section of trail is nice, the real reason to hike here are the unique bogs that begin about a kilometer from the trailhead. This ecosystem is unique on Haida Gwaii and several endemic species reside here. It's also completely different than anything else you'll see on the islands.

For a variety of reasons we only hiked 3 km along the trail before turning back. However, at our turnaround point the trail was still in great shape and so I suspect we could've hiked quite a bit further. Our map indicated the trail might have continued all the way to the east beach, as well as looped back to a branch in the Cape Fife trail near the trailhead for that hike. If you're planning on hiking this trail, I'd suggest making a full day out of it and exploring where it goes.

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