Matthew Clay: Mountain Man;

I am an outdoorsman and explorer; a mountain man, I suppose, at least in Alberta where there are mountains. I hike, backpack, snowshoe, fish, and scramble a little. I've got a ton of other adventures in the works as well. I'm a nerd too. I like learning about everything I see, like flowers and tracks. I'm infinitely more comfortable alone in the middle of absolute nowhere than in a crowd. I thrive outside, unless it's too hot.

This is my website. Originally it was a way to backup my photos, then a way to share them with family and friends, and now apparently a resource for the world. I'm a bit uncomfortable with that last one, so I don't share all my adventures with everyone, yet still post them for me and my friends. If you think that's wrong, that's actually why I'm uncomfortable with it.

If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached at mclay1234[at], or you can follow my public posts on Facebook by clicking the Follow button on my profile.