Zenfolio | Matthew Clay | Bear's Hump, May 28, 2017
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Distance: 2.1 km
Elevation gain: 230 m
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After camping in Waterton for the weekend we had to be back in Calgary for Sunday, but I didn’t feel like packing up and heading home first thing in the morning. Instead we decided to do a short hike up the Bear’s Hump, just outside the townsite. This is perhaps the easiest hike with a view in Waterton and the trail is well maintained and easy to follow the entire way. It is steep though, especially for the latter half.

We started hiking shortly after 7:00 am and reached the summit in just 25 minutes at a good pace. The main reason for this hike is to get an aerial view of the townsite and the Waterton Lakes and in the morning light today we weren’t disappointed. I was particularly interested in this view after discovering that the lake panorama was nearly non-existent from Mount Crandell, which we’d ascended from the northwest last year.

We relaxed on the summit in the sun and a pleasant breeze for a while, had a small second breakfast, then headed back down, packed up the trailer, and made our way back to Calgary for a week of working indoors during beautiful weather (with construction noise and dust!).

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