Zenfolio | Matthew Clay | Fire Lookouts

By their very nature, Fire Lookouts offer spectacular views. They're also generally accessed via gently-graded roads that avoid steep, avalanche-prone terrain, and thus make great destinations for shoulder-season hikes. We've hiked (and once, drove) to a number of current and former lookout sites in the Rockies and I've collected those reports here. Most are great choices when you're wanting something easy and scenic with little to no routefinding. Many more are detailed in "Fire Lookout Hikes in the Canadian Rockies" and a map of all current lookouts in Alberta can be found here.

Active Fire Lookouts

Falls Lookout
Ram Lookout
Limestone Lookout
Kananaskis Lookout
Sugarloaf Lookout
Ironstone Lookout
Blue Hill Lookout
Carbondale Lookout
Baseline Lookout
Grave Flats Lookout
Blackstone Lookout
Baldy Lookout
Mockingbird Lookout
Junction Lookout
Livingstone Lookout
Hailstone Butte Lookout
Raspberry Ridge Lookout
Barrier Lake Lookout
Moose Mountain Lookout


Decommissioned Fire Lookouts

Castle Mountain Lookout
Burnt Timber Lookout
Hummingbird Plume Lookout
Bow Summit Lookout
Whistler Lookout
Black Rock Lookout
Paget Lookout
Mount Kidd Lookout
Cameron (Mt. Burke) Lookout
Sunset Lookout