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Distance: 8 km
Elevation gain: 320 m
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Another day of marginal weather called for yet another marginally interesting ascent. Long gone are the days when objectives could be picked based on their scenic merits; no, the trip today was chosen largely due to what the name of the peak would justify eating – Pringles! Yes, there is actually an officially-named bump called Mount Pringle – it’s in the foothills east of the Ghost Wilderness – and reaching the summit is easy enough via logging roads, cutlines, and of course bushwhacking. Geocachers note on their websites that this hill, while on private land, can be legally accessed so long as a variety of common-sense conditions are met. As Alison’s interest in such scenically barren objectives seems to have been reborn – temporarily, I suspect – she agreed to join me, perhaps due to the promised summit Pringles.

After parking at the end of the public portion of Richardson Road we set off on foot into the forest. I had my snowshoes strapped to my pack, but Alison left hers in the truck, something I should’ve also done, especially since I’m not sure how things would’ve worked had we actually encountered snow that required snowshoes when we only had one pair.

While we initially set a fairly random path through the forest, I soon steered us towards an old logging road that we ended up following as it contoured around swampy Kangienos Lake. Travel through the snow was generally annoying, but tolerably easy, and cougar and deer tracks provided a teeny tiny bit of interest. When we eventually left the road to make our way up this veritable mountain the network of forest damaged by logging, reclaimed logging roads, cutlines, and somewhat deep snow complicated the ascent, but it only reached the awful level for a brief period when I stupidly led us into a cutblock where the snow was thigh deep.

When we reached the end of the GPS trail available on online maps we realized that the forested bump we were on was not actually the true summit, and so continued about 400 m further to a bump 5 m higher than the first one. It was similarly forested and offered the same non-view, but it was at least sunny and perfectly suitable for a summit treat of Pringles, the only reason to do this peak.

Our return route was a little better than our ascent as we avoided the cutblock with the deep snow and shortcut back to the road on a cutline, it was still equally devoid of scenery. Still, it was nice to get out and see Alison and the sun again, but I do very much long for the day when the purpose of hiking is once again to see some nice scenery!

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