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Distance: ~14 km
Elevation gain: ~600 m
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This is a great unofficial trail. It leads to great views, doesn't involve any difficult terrain, and it is nearly impossible to get lost as it is in a narrow valley.

The trail starts at the Burstall Pass trailhead and follows the main trail for about 3.5 km, then veering off to the south (left) on an overgrown logging road. There are more details in the photos. Once the trail intersects the creek it fades, but simply following the creek will lead you to the col. No bushwacking or wading required at any point. We tried going higher to avoid the water, which turned out to be quite difficult, so on the descent we simply followed the stream, lamenting that we should've done that on the way up.

The views from the col are amazing and you get to see two glaciers - French and Robertson, as well as several 3000+ m mountains. There is also solitude, although based on the amount of moose and sheep sign, these might be frequent visitors too!

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