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Distance: 8 km round trip
Elevation gain: ~100 m of small ups and downs
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This is another risk-free snowshoe trail in Kananaskis. While it does traverse through a few regenerating clear cuts that in summer would be an eyesore, in the winter the mess is largely buried under the snow and all that remains are the tops of young trees and reasonably nice views of Spray Lake and the surrounding peaks.

To find the trailhead, turn off the Spray Lakes Road towards Engadine Lodge and drive 1.8 km. Just before the road decends, turn into the parking area on the right. The start of the trail is visible a very short distance down the road, ascending steeply along an old road. The trail is shared by skiers, so stick to the snowshoe track.

Following the old road, stay right at the first obvious fork. The left fork ascends to Tent Ridge and is probably where many of the skiers have gone. After another 10 minutes or so stay right at the next fork, despite the fact that it descends and seems to be going in the wrong direction. There should be ample flagging on the trees indicating the route through a few regenerating clearcuts. Eventually the trail disappears, but by this point you are very near the lake and navigation should be straightforward enough. If it's not, head towards Mt. Shark, intersect the outlet stream of Shark Lake, and follow it to the lake. It's not the most direct route, but if you're lost at this point it's probably the safest option.

Today, despite a forecast of sun and relatively calm winds, the skies were overcast, it was snowing, and the wind was fierce. Thankfully it was only just below zero, making for a relatively comfortable trip despite the rest of the weather, and while the snow did ruin most of the photography it does add a bit to the adventure. Definitely a trip to repeat in clear weather when Spray Lake would be fully visible.

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