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Distance: 3 km
Elevation gain: 210 m
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After driving to the Ya Ha Tinda and getting turned around on Wildhorse Ridge, Alison, Sandra, and I desperately tried to think of a backup plan, but unfortunately we’d already done all the easy ascents in the area and all the longer ones were snowbound. Looking at the map I spied a small hill near the Eagle Lake parking lot, and with no other options we decided to hike up it to extend our day.

We parked at the Eagle Lake parking lot and aimed directly for the summit, quickly ascending the grassy and sparsely-forested slope. The meadow continued right to the summit ridge and we intersected a good horse trail traversing its length at this point.

Rising just 200 m above the valley floor, this little hill afforded a surprisingly nice view of the core Ya Ha Tinda region and we spent a little time wandering around, finding a couple memorials and crude teepees that were likely used during the hunting season. We extended the day a little more by descending in a long arc to the west before turning back towards the parking lot, traversing meadows and open forest the entire way.

Like most peaks and hills in the Ya Ha Tinda, this little one is unnamed. I’d been thinking of calling it Consolation Hill as it’s a nice little hike if everything else in the area is out of the question, but upon returning home and consulting a map I noticed the trail that runs along its crest is called the Skyline Trail. It thus makes sense to call it Skyline Hill, and while it won’t be anyone’s first choice for a hike after a long drive into the area, it’s still a very nice hike.

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